A DiVine Sight

For many years I have really enjoyed the live entertainment at the Disney parks. Whether it was an act that is no longer in the parks, such as the living statues in Italy at Epcot, or the current entertainment offerings, I have always found them to be so unique. My family and I experienced one of the best examples of this during our day at the Animal Kingdom this past November.

We were on our way to our favorite ride at the park, Expedition Everest, when all of a sudden my husband started scrambling for the camera. He said, “Oh my gosh, look at that!” I couldn’t believe it. It was DiVine and I hadn’t seen her at the park for the last couple of trips. This time we got lucky again. When we were there a few years ago, she was in the middle of the walkway but this year she was in great camouflage with her surroundings and she was moving ever so gently behind the fenced area toward Asia.

She is mesmerizing to watch. She moves in a strange but graceful way and I can’t seem to stop staring at this unique artistry. I did some research on DiVine for this blog and found out that she is a performance artist named Priscilla Blight who has travelled all around the globe and has now brought her expressive talents to the Animal Kingdom for an exclusive engagement. She now makes her home on the pathways between Africa and Asia.

You must look carefully or you will walk right past her, as I guess I have done for the past couple of years. This time, she was easier to spot and even if we had not seen her right away, she caused such a crowd that we certainly would have caught on. We all had our cameras out and we were all following her around like paparazzi. If you are lucky enough to spot her, take a moment to enjoy this unique 10-foot tall plant girl.

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