5 Disney Umbrellas For Under $20 From Uniqlo

Disney Umbrella

They say April showers, brings May flowers, but I sure don’t like being caught in a rain storm unprepared. Uniqlo has us covered though, with great Disney Umbrella’s for under $20!

Uniqlo is a fashion company designed with the Japanese values of simplicity, quality and longevity to always be basic, but never boring. They believe everyone needs a place to dream. This unprecedented collaboration between Disney and Uniqlo opens the door to a world of the imagination, adding a touch of magic to everyday fashions and accessories. They offer exclusive and innovative products that capture the wonder of Disney. These magnificent umbrellas are a perfect example of that.

The Uniqlo compact umbrella is a folding umbrella that is lightweight and easy to carry. An innovative design makes it easy to open and close. The metal frame spins with strong winds, and it quickly returns to its shape if wind turns it inside out. All of that complete with a durable water-repellent finish and fun Disney designs makes these umbrellas great for any rainy day!

Blue Disney Project Compact Umbrella


The blue umbrella features a character collage of Mickey and his pals, this is a fun pattern of the whole gang.

Red Disney Project Compact Umbrella


This umbrella has the same fun character pattern as the dark grey one, but in a beautiful poppy red that’s perfect for su

Dark Grey Disney Project Compact Umbrella


The dark grey umbrella features a repeating pattern of simplistic Mickey Mouse silhouettes.mmer.

White Disney Project Compact Umbrella


The white umbrella is the most colorful and fun out of the whole group! It features the same repeating Mickey silhouette pattern as it’s dark grey partner, but in a rainbow of colors that really shout spring is here!

Multi Blue Disney Project Compact Umbrella

There are no other umbrellas in the Uniqlo collection like the Dark and Light blue one. This umbrella has alternating panels of a bright blue and deep blue each with a different Disney character’s face.

Which one of these colorful Disney umbrellas would you use to keep dry on a rainy day?

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