2019 Disney World Merchandise Spotted At World of Disney

2019 Disney World Merchandise

Can you believe it’s almost the end of the year? As the year comes to a close, Disney always begins to put out the merchandise for the new year, and it looks like some new goodies are starting to hit the shelves. New 2019 Disney World Merchandise has already been spotted at World of Disney.

Two new hoodies, and two new tees featuring the 2019 logo have landed. I’m loving the dip dyed women’s 2019 tee featuring the logo.

There are also two mugs featuring the 2019 designs available at World of Disney. I love how the horizons of the four parks have also been incorporated into the yearly design this year. Usually it’s just the four major landmarks, but as you can see on the mug, other defining features of the parks have been added like Space Mountain, Everest, and even the Monorail.

The new 2019 Disney World Merchandise showed up a little bit early this year, and we’re sure more exciting souvenirs and apparel will make their debut soon, so stay tuned!

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